• Magento Open Source Ecommerce Platform

    Magento is an open source ecommerce platform that has helped revolutionise online shopping. We recommend Magento to each of ecommerce clients and it has been highly praised for different reasons. In this short blog post we will aim to list 5 of the most impressive features we have found laying around in Magento.

    Multi-Site Functionality

    If you have, or think that maybe one day you will have more than one online shop, Magento is for you. This powerful feature means that you can have 2, 5 or even 20 stores running from the same admin panel. This allows you to manage orders and customers from one place instead of having to switch between different websites, this makes life a lot easier and is a great reason to use Magento.

    Guest Checkout Option

    A small addition that helps separate Magento from the crowd. Many online shops require that your customers have register before making a purchase, this can put them off and potentially lose you the conversion at the very last hurdle. Magento however, offers an alternative, you can adminster whether users have to register or can optionally checkout as a guest to help save them time. This little feature may help boast your conversion rate and has been a hit with our clients.

    Search Engine Friendlyness

    It’s easier to build a strong customer base if your customers can find you! Magento’s search engine friendly structure and built in tools ensures that your website will be one step ahead of your competition.

    Some of the SEO friendly features that are built in to Magento include:

    1. Search Engine Friendly Rewrites
    2. Control over Meta Tags for each Page, Product and Category
    3. Auto-generated Sitemaps